Design Interface Ltd

Design Interface Ltd - Bury St Edmunds - United Kingdom

Design Interface offers a complete electronic systems design and consultancy service. Whether you have a finalised specification or a raw concept They can help minimise your time to market. If you're at the product planning stage it may be appropriate to consider the following:

 Feasibility study
 Technology survey
 Functional specification

If the product specification is approaching stability and you know what you want but don't have the resources to implement it then they can help with:

 Hardware development
 Software development
 PCB layout
 Component procurement
 Prototype assembly and test
 Regulatory compliance testing
 Design transfer to volume manufacturing
 Production support

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Flying Test Systems - Saunderton Buckinghamshire - United Kingdom

Flying Test Systems are a leading supplier of PCB test services to the European market, having secured "Approved Supplier" status with a significant number of companies. They offer a flexible range of services covering prototype runs, small to medium production batches, right through to large, ongoing production runs. The bulk of their capability derives from 3 SPEA 4040 Flying Probe systems, but they also have a variety of other dedicated test equipment which enables them to provide test services across the following platforms:

Flying Probe Functional - Structural - Test Cable Form & Backplane - Bed of Nail (ICT) - Specialist Testing - Boundary Scan

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 XJTAG - Cambridge - United Kingdom

XJTAG is a producer of hardware and software boundary scan products that can help engineers accelerate circuit design and development. So if you design boards with BGAs, have hardware that include FPGAs, CPLDs, DSPs or microprocessors and you would like to debug your boards, detect faults and prove your design quickly and easily then XJTAG can help you. For further details click here.